IMagINe Our Story…


What started off as a class project, turned into something much greater. 

While attending Professor Joseph Sulentic’s Business class at the University of Iowa, students were challenged to create a business plan that involved giving back to the community. After brainstorming, Micah’s group saw a need to provide access to sporting equipment to underserved youth. This resulted in the group’s plan to gather new and used equipment from local organizations, sporting good stores, and anybody open and willing to donate. And in turn, the equipment was given to the local Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids. This was the moment Micah realized that I’MagINe had the potential to grow and surpass the boundaries of the University. After months of planning, researching, and deliberating, the project was finally turned in and what was completed, had truly just begun.


Here we are, 4 years later, on a mission to fulfill the vision that once started in a classroom. A vision that has the potential to influence children from coast to coast.